The Eternal Journey

The Eternal Journey

Live-in: Part - 1

“Stop it.” shouted John.
“Peace. Don’t shout. And don’t try to prove your supremacy just by shouting at Me.” shouted back Lisa.
“What? What the hell on earth are you even saying? Who was the one that started all this mess?”
“So, you mean to say that it was all thanks to me?”
“Why do you even doubt it? This is just not the first time. Every time we had an argument, you were the one who initiated. Next, you always be one to first to disagree, and I would end up on compromising side.”
“Oh. So, you mean to say that you have been compromising all the while just for my sake? I never expected this. I always liked you, the way you were. But you have changed. And here is the testimony in your own words that you have been changing all these days. I really don’t understand...”
“I really don’t understand...”
“I say stop...”
“...why you guys want to prove to the world that you are only chivalrous and gentlemen...”
“What did you just say?”
“Yes. You heard it right. I meant every single word I said.”
“Well, I knew it. This is why you girls are very tough to be understood. You change sides in just a flick of a moment. You expect us to be gentlemen, you want us to be so nice and good to you, you want us to be accommodative, and at the same time, you want us to be honest and you want us to be ourselves.. Wah.. What a contradiction. I never thought this would end like this. You change sides all of a sudden. No wonder if you change partners frequently even.”
“What did YOU JUST SAY? If you have any issues with me, do dare to face me. Why do you want to make some stupid remarks on women in general, you idiot? You should be insane in every frame of your mind to have made such remarks. And you are coward enough not to speak out on my face, which is why, you are sandwiching words between some dumb general statements and trying to attack me personally. How dare you even say it about girls? You have no right ...”
“Ah... look who’s speaking. You were the one who started generalizing on guys in your conclusions, and now, you start blaming me for my words. Hmmm... this is the height of hypocrisy. You can’t stand yourself. You are the one who gets confused with yourself, and think that you are always right and the others are always wrong. I don’t see any point in dragging this argument any more when the person on the other side is someone as dishonest as you are.”
“Stop it already. You are the one who spoke sweet words luring me into a relationship, and then you never cared for me. I’m sure you were with some other girl and were always pushing aside the topic whenever I raise it with you. You are just playing your pawns with as many girls as possible and want to finally settle with one of them, or probably some of them, you XXXX. I don’t see anything wrong in my speaking out like that. In fact, you are the one who made me speak out. You liar, You immoral baxxxxx. Get the bloody hell out of my life. And first, get the eff out of here. I can’t stand you anymore. I feel ashamed to have been with someone like you all these days.”
          Saying so, Lisa started weeping. John went closer to cajole her, but in vain. She shrugged him off in one jerk and he was taken aback. She just sagged closing her arms when tears started flowing down. The more John tried calling her out, the more she started shouting at him. Feeling helpless, he left the room in silence. Such was the instinct of an immature girl who felt lost in love with another immature young lad.
- - - - - - -x x x - - - - - - -
It all started twelve months ago...
          Lisa was just done with her class XI. The results were declared and she was the topper in her school with a 98.5%. She was overjoyed. At last, the efforts during the last one year paid off really well. The moment the results were declared, it seemed to her that the whole world had its’ eyes on her. Everyone around her, the Principal, teachers, her parents, neighbours, friends, everyone was eager to meet her and congratulate her. The Press was also all around her after knowing that she not only topped the school, but also stood first at the state level. They were queued up around her house to have her exclusive interviews. Her principal declared a cash award of INR one lakh and also promised to offer her free education for the next year. She was overjoyed with this and her parents felt very happy that their tough times have ended. Poor humans, for they haven’t had a trace of thought that times could make things worse after all. The day being a holiday, her dad sent her in a car to school for giving her interviews to the press.
          Lisa had always been a brilliant student academically. Blessed were the couple, at least, that was what their relatives and friends thought, when Rakesh and Lata, had a baby girl on a sweet summer morning in Mussourie. Rakesh was a tourist guide who earned sufficiently enough that they could handle, and Lata contributed to it with her dexterous hands at needlework. The couple lived happily until their expenses started rising. The inflationary trends in India coupled with the additional expense of bringing up the child, made things a little difficult for the couple. However, they gave up certain wants initially. Gradually Rakesh started working overtime with a travel agency on the Mall Road. Things went on well despite the hand to mouth existence. One fine day, the owner of the travel agency decided to settle himself abroad with his son, and decided to sell the entire business. Rakesh looked into this opportunity and bought over the entire business via a loan. The initial two years were very hard and at one point, Rakesh almost decided to sell off the business when Lata persuaded him to hold on. The next year, they saw very bright business profits, sufficient enough to repay their loan. Then started their way to glory and success.
         The frequent rush of tourists coupled with the goodwill of Rakesh, gave customers a confidence to trust in him. Rakesh being a tourist guide himself, toured frequently across the region and came out identifying exquisite locations. He designed some very good packages for the guests and in no time, more people started flowing in through the referrals. Meanwhile, Lisa was growing up to be an exceptionally intelligent girl. She consistently topped all through her academics and was also very good at public speaking. She was very outgoing, frank and honest which won her many friends. Everyone liked her and one girl, Anjali, remained her best friend. Anjali also hailed from a lower middle class family and hence, felt a great sense of responsibility towards her studies. She was very hard working, not so outgoing but very friendly, and above all, bestowed with all virtues. For those outsiders, it would appear that they were archrivals, and in fact, they share an academic rivalry but personally, they were very good friends. They both decided to join the same school for their class XI, and they did do. Both of them worked very hard throughout the year and in the end, Anjali ended up scoring a 98% just falling behind Lisa. But she was the one who was really happy at Lisa’s success.
- - - - - - - x x x - - - - - - -
“Anju Dear...” called out Lisa, looking at Anjali amidst the crowd around her. “come, here. Get inside.” She said from inside the car. Anjali got in.
“I’m very happy for you, my little darling.” Anjali said in exhilaration, “I really feel happy for your efforts finally paid off.”
“Ah, it was nothing. I’d have been just nothing had you not been with me all along and supported me in times of need. You deserve the position, had luck not favoured me marginally. Anyway, i’m sure there will be a day when i’d be proud to see my Anju second to none.”
          Meanwhile, they reached Lisa’s home. Lata was at the doorstep awaiting he daughter’s return. She was very happy to see Anjali along. She took them both inside and treated them with all kinds of delicacies she had prepared to celebrate the occasion. They had a lot of fun together even as it got late in the evening, Anjali was escorted by Rakesh to her home. The next day, was the re-opening of their school post the vacation. So, Lisa dozed off very early hoping to get back to school in high spirits for the next year. She would have never expected that the day would make such a huge difference in her life.
... To be continued...

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