The Eternal Journey

The Eternal Journey

Nainital - The city with an Eco-Friendly Municipal Corporation

This happened during my recent visit to Nainital in december. As usual, whenever we go for shopping, we never carry any bags with us because the sellers would have plastic bags for us. And here's one place i know where officially plastic bags are BANNED.

Every shop in Nainital uses either paper bags or cotton (cloth) bags. Only the Branded products like the biscuits, or ice creams, etc which come in sealed plastic packs, are an exception. Other than these, the only place where plastic bags were used was at the roadside cotton candy seller. But even he was so conscious that he made sure everyone returned the bag to him and he reused the bags to cover the cotton candies. There was practically no place where I found polythene litter around.

This is a very good lesson for those who say "Dude!! This is India. Things will remain the same no matter how hard you try to change them." Kudos to the Nainital Municipal Corporation, for making such things happen, and setting an example to others too. So, Now, the ball is in our court. Atleast at a personal level, let us all try to reduce the usage of plastic bags to whatever extent possible. And it is also our duty to pressurize the government to strictly enforce the law banning the usage of plastic bags. Atleast, this can be implemented in all the tourist places to start with, thereby adding to the beauty of the places. It can be gradually extended to other places.

"Where there is will, there is a way."  and the Nainital Corporation stands a testimony to this. 

Let us Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.
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