The Eternal Journey

The Eternal Journey

A Spooky Dream come True...

'You wake up, go to the bathroom and look at the mirror' said a spooky feminine voice.

At 6’O’Clock in the morning, Raj was shaken awake by this phone call.

"What the hell did you say?" replied Raj, in a sleepy voice.

"You are going to die within the next 24 hours if you don't do what I say" replied the spooky voice.

"Hello, who's this? Hello... Helllllooooo...."

Raj's attempts went in vain as the line went mute at the other end. He immediately rushed into the bathroom only to realize that there was no mirror inside it. He could only hear the words ringing in his head “… bathroom ........ mirror .....… die ........ 24 hours …….

"F#$%&! My Luck" he sighed and banged on the door.

"What happened?" shouted his mother, anxious to know if something went wrong.

"Nothing Ma!", he replied, while his mind already started wondering what could possibly kill him that day.

With a mind full of thoughts, he got ready and came to the breakfast table. His mother came there with a box full of steaming Idlis. His mouth started watering at the very sight of them. The powdered groundnut chutney with Ghee & mango pickle formed an excellent trio for his taste buds.

Happy Birthday kanna. Have your favourite breakfast today” said his mom, as she came to the dining table.

Thanx Ma.” He said as he started gulping the Idlis down his throat. “Today I have GMAT Special classes till 6 PM. So, I’ll be home late in the evening”, he said as he left his home.


The Bus stop in front of the secretariat was over-crowded that day. The decibel level on the road should have been 80. Adding to that, the voices of people at the bus stop discussing every damn thing were irritating Raj. Some of them were waiting for their buses to come, some others waiting for a Green signal to cross the road, few of them pushing their way towards the shops behind the bus stop and few others blocking the road with their never-ending bargaining with the Autowalas. Amidst all this confusion, Raj’s phone began to ring.

Come on Dear. I’m waiting for you” Raj could hear the spooky voice, as the signal in front went Green. He started moving with the crowd across the road when he suddenly dropped his phone. While he waited to pick it up, the crowd went ahead leaving him behind. In the meantime, the signal to his right went green and a speeding truck coming along the road hit him.

Noooooo!!” Raj’s sudden and shrill cry startled a bunch of girls standing next to him. One of them came closer and spanked him on his head and Raj suddenly came back to reality.  He was a little annoyed at the furore his thoughts created in public. Thanking his stars, he waited for 83B.


The road leading towards Ameerpet was completely crowded. Raj was struggling to retain his balance on the footboard of 83B. It was not even two minutes before the bus crossed Panjagutta when it got stuck in traffic. The driver after a series of futile attempts, showed his frustration by turning off the engine. Raj, out of helplessness, got down and waded his way forward towards his office in Ameerpet. He entered his office to find his secretary Priya missing in her seat. Moving restlessly up and down in the corridor, he tried reaching her on her mobile, but in vain. He went straight into his cabin and sat down, idle.

Fifteen minutes later, Priya entered the room gasping for breath. Her dishevelled appearance and hasty gestures appeared incoherent to her usual behaviour with her boss. She stood next to Raj and narrated to him, the schedule for the day and went back to her seat, outside Raj’s cabin. A few minutes later, his phone started ringing.

Good Morning. Is it Mr. Raj Kumar?

Yes, speaking

Mr. Raj Kumar, this is Suresh Naidu, Superintendent of Police, Special branch. We came across an accident in which a lady on a Honda Activa, was hit and run over by a Trailer. Her hand bag lay aside her and in that, we found her Identity card, which bore the name Priya Ravichandran..........

The brand new Voltas AC in the room was displaying 16 degrees, but that could not stop Raj from sweating profusely. In no time, his clothes were completely wet and he could not hide the horrified look on his face. He immediately rushed to his door and peeped out to check if Priya was there. He went pale and his face turned white at what he saw. He could just see the keys on the keyboard go in and out, but there was no one at the seat.

Raj took all his might and ran out of the office. He found himself in an open ground. He could see the Hitech City in the distance. He tried shouting for help, but his throat was parched. He ran steadfastly towards the nearest road he could see. As he ran, he felt a jolt and the next moment, he found himself in air and landed on the ground with a thud. He could feel his limbs break and life suck out of him. As he was about to breather his last, He could hear the same voice say, “At last, You’re mine!


Raj was startled as he awoke with a shock. The clock in front of him was showing 05:30. He was taken aback by this completely uncorrelated dream. Early morning message, mirror, home, birthday, GMAT classes, Office, Ameerpet, Open ground near Hitech City; None of them appeared coherent to Raj. His left brain was insisting him to just leave the trash aside and get going for the day, whereas his right brain was forcing him to think that early morning dreams may come true. While this mental battle reached its peak, ‘beep’ went his phone. He received a SMS from a Private Number which read...

'You wake up, go to the bathroom and look at the mirror'

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